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Where are Mike Rumph - TJ Duckett - Jeff Posey and Rocky McIntosh ??!!

sitting bull

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Posey has been playing Special Teams.

Duckett had two rushes for 16 yards and the first one went for 10, so of course that meant he was never put back in the game... :laugh:

What's the point of playing Duckett? He's just auditioning for free agency. Of course, that's true of Betts as well. This team would be better off rewarding Sellers and Cartwright with carries. You know, be LOYAL to the guys who are playing their hearts out?

Instead, the impending free agents get all the glory. Stupid, in my opinion.

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McCune never made the opening day roster.

McIntosh, I think he's active, but yeah.

Posey was on the sidelines and dressed.

I think it was funny that the bar I was in yesterday, the loudest it became during the whole game was when Joe Gibbs threw the challenge flag on that almost fumble by Westbrook.

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