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The Ghost of Gibbs or Why this is the best thing that could have ever happened....


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What do I mean? Well, quite frankley since Gibbs left at the end of his first era, it seems like this team was impotent to replace him. We as fans and as an organization always would say, "Yeah, this team sucks, but if Gibbs were here..." Gibbs was always the answer wasn't he? Norv has no discipline, Gibbs would never have alllowed that! Marty didn't have respect by or for his players! Gibbs would fix that, he relates to everyone and the players would play they're guts out, just because they love him! Spurrier was too brash, too sure of himself ... Not Gibbs he was humble as pie and would bring a much needed dose of reality to the Skins. Yet, here we are. Is it Gibbs' fault? No. He has made some bad decisions, some really good ones too. It has been decideley a mixed bag for Gibbs II. But, we will now forever be over him. He will stay his five years and we will see how that ends. It may be great, like Dick Vermeil, he may ride off into the sunset a hero. I know he will not leave with team like it is now. He wants to fix us soooo bad. He left us in shambles before. That won't happen again. But, as a team, fans, an oganization, what we wanted happened, Gibbs came back, for better or worse, and we should stand by him. He stood by us. Unlike Parcells he didn't sign with another team. He came home. To help. And we need to embrace that. When he's done here, we will be done too. Gibbs will be our greatest coach and we will now be able to let him go. We couldn't do that before. We will be able to now.

I beleive the future will be bright one way or another.

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