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Can Someone Help PLEASE


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We the (Skins) fans are paying these coaches and players salaries by attending games at a minimum $100 a seat and buying the team merchandise. I myself have purchased jersey's and merchandise for my desk at work only to be harrased on a constint basis by the teams performance and have spent almost $1000 by myself to support the "SKINS" to show my support. I would like to know does any of what we post make it to the players and coaches or do we post things to amuse ourselves.

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i really dont care about the money. i am more frustrated that evey offseason i lead myself to believe that this year will be different only to be let down once again by the same thing.

and to answer your question, yes im sure the players read the forum or have some flunky tell them what theyve read. they will never admit it though.

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