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X-Mas gift in game vs. Bucs....


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Okay, I know this is rediculous to ask, but...

This year for X-mas, I would like to recieve:

1.Since I only get to see one Skins game a year live, sometimes not at all, could you guys as a team not "statistically" suck? Just win one game for me. 1 out of 2 vs. Dallas is nice, but most Dallas fans here are seasonal anyway, but everyone here is a Buc fan, and I hate them more than the Cowsluts. Please, play with some heart. Maybe even show me JC?? That would be "super-smart" and I would cry my "guts" out for you guys.

2. $600 for a freakin PS3???? Nevermind.....I'll just stick with number 1.:cheers:

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