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Ladies and Gentleman i am here officially announce....


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It is time to start JC to see if he has anything.

Gibss be fired, Snyder is already unpopular among the 'skinsfan area and I don't think he'll do that. We do need a GM with a Backbone to stand up and say no to Gibbs , if there is a hgh price FA that he wants(waste of money). Start with firing Cerruto

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Too many changes year in and year out. Every pre-season, the team has to start from square one. The Skins made a lot of progress last year. Most of their problems stemmed from only having one good receiver. So, instead of just making a couple tweaks here and there, they went out and overhauled the whole offense. Now their back to square one. Repeat this for 16 years and there ya go... 2 for 16.

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