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Anyone Else Like To See Campbell & Duckett Start Next Week?


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You didn't have to be at the game to see the mistakes Brunell was making.

WHen he was rushed, he was pushed around and hurried.

WHen the rush didn't come, he still threw the quick first pass.


Can't recognize when he needs to slow the play down

He has the absolute happiest feet I have ever seen in a QB.

and the redskins will not succeed OR MAKE ANY MORE GAINS with Brunell at the helm.

He is done and done. Face facts people.

The run game was working somewhat, it was the passing game, and Brunells decisions that killed the game (that and the defense) WHen was the last time you saw Brunell create something from nothing? Few and far between, because he simply doesn't friggin comprehend his role out there. ANd the team has already given up on him, even though no one will say it.

It is time to start Campbell and let him make game speed snaps. They have to determine if they made a great move by trading up to get Campbell. They have to find out if they have a franchise QB on the roster.

Or a heath Schuler.

The only way to know is to play him

Aikman played 11 games his first year and the team was 1-15 with no offensive line and he turned out OK.

Not making the move from Brunell to Campbell is just farging stubborn.

That is all.

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