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2????? 2???? at the half way point?????


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what one might ask???????????????????

2 picks that is it!!! inorder for this team to make a run they need to create more turnovers..I dont wanna hear that SS24 was out for awhile, we should have more by accident!!! we all know fat andy likes to pass so the d needs to step it up take some out of the air and look for the big play!!!!!.......

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What is this turnover thing you speak of???

Ya know, that thing that's happened a total of 5 times in 8 games.

Check out the article by Bos in today's Washington Post, he addresses this and echoes what I've been saying for two weeks:

The law of averages states that the Redskins' Defense will improve, including in the turnovers department.

GW will get it together, you have to believe!:eaglesuck

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