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since youtube sucks


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I just use Myspace. I have been uploading copyrighted videos for over a year now, and have yet for them to take ONE off....while youtube has already deleted one of my accounts with over 40 videos uploaded, and already delted my current accounts Redskins videos....And to top it off, Myspace just updated their video player recently, and its sweet. Nice and clear, and it uploads and processes real fast.

Here are all my Redskin videos I have found and made. On my Skins Myspace page. If anyone wants me to upload one for them, I can, and will put there name under there video.


and here is a link to the video Torresa put up here, that I uploaded to my page


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:cry: Thanks for saying you tube sucks!!!All my videos have been yanked down and i did not save most of them so i lost some damn good videos thanks to the nfl and you tube!!!

werd i feel u

i had over 20 redskns video now its gone:doh:

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