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Jumbo's Third Annual Cowpie Poem/Haiku Festival (for bubba and tr1)

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The Praising of Romo sits to pee

He's cracked a rib

He's punctured a lung

The praises of Romo sits to pee have truly been sung

But on Monday Night Football it goes to his head

If he plays in this game, he might end up dead.

---------- Post added September-22nd-2011 at 12:04 PM ----------

Monday Evening

Their helmets are silver

Their jerseys are white

Their symbol is blue

They're in for a fight

The Washington Redskins are coming to town

And Dallas will lose in a major letdown

For Romo sits to pee and Austin and Jones are pained

If they take the field, it will be blood-stained

Because Ryan and Bryan are licking their chops

And Haslett will pull out all of the stops

The Cowboys are done, they have not a prayer

Destroyed on the ground and gashed through the air.

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The cowpukes are lame

And the media, the same

Monday, bring the pain

---------- Post added September-22nd-2011 at 12:30 PM ----------

That team from dallas they can suck it,

<edited content to comply with forum rules---dude, that one would be a ban 9 times out of 10>

Sorry jumbo, rule 6, I know them, I thought it would asterisk out, I will double check my posts. Thank you for the edit.

Edited by dbcooper
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