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Jumbo's Third Annual Cowpie Poem/Haiku Festival (for bubba and tr1)

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  • 3 years later...

This weekend we head to, the new FedEx South

To bust the damn Cowboys, square in the mouth

They think that last Sunday, was only a fluke

With Skins over Broncos, and Pack over Pukes

But somewhere deep, in the back of there minds

They know that their asses, are all on the line

They understand meltdown, will follow this loss

They curl up in fear, of Santana Moss

They've already started, to clear out that spot

The closet they store all the team stuff they got

For Sunday's the last time to see it this year

Don't worry little Cowboy, you'll see it next year


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  • 1 year later...

Rib Bone

Low steady heat

Covered to contain and retain

A flavor I love


A cowboy went down to the field

and a touchdown he attempted to yield

a sorry ass throw to a receiver too slow

and it's clear to all he ain't healed

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Jumbo, not sure how I missed this way back when, but those are HILARIOUS.

Okay, here's mine for 2011.

Tony Romo sits to pee hurts

So they built him a jacket

How is that legal?

Their fans are crying

Not because of what Hall said

But because they suck

Jerruh the owner

Likes cosmetic surgery

Can't polish a turd

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Time to reproduce?

To inbreed or not inbreed

That is the question


Sweet sweat of passion

Relative humidity

Uncle gets his gun


Pride of ownership

A man's home is his trailer

Pipes above the ground

Family pt 2

Infants drinking Coke

Mom's too fat to see her feet

Dad' too drunk to drive

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