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Interesting article (5 pages): "Redskins Pay Price For Moves"

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Here are a few lines I found particularly interesting :

"The draft has to be the foundation of your team," said Bobby Beathard

"Free agency can be very dangerous, and you can't approach it like a kid in a candy store; you have to find a way to show restraint."

Saunders's high-powered offenses in Kansas City liked to stretch the field with long passes, but his game plans in Washington have been tailored to what Brunell does best -- throwing short passes.

For two years under assistant head coach Gregg Williams, the defense relied on inventive schemes and elaborate blitzes to stop the ball and pressure the passer. When last season ended, the coaches felt they needed more individual talent -- and they decided Carter was their man.

Defensive ends Darren Howard and Trevor Pryce were available on the free agent market in the offseason, but Washington did not aggressively pursue them and they are currently faring well in Philadelphia and Baltimore, respectively.

I like this one in particular, so true:

"You bring in all these guys from different teams every year, but then how do you establish what a 'Redskin' is?" said one former high-ranking official in the Washington organization.

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