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I think i know why we are not getting INT's


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I can understand our guys not being use to an NFL qb pass going against noodle arm in practice, but I guess the other teams are confused by the change up as well.

Well considering that our 1st team D ordinarily goes against the scout team O, i.e. Campbell, lets hope that this isn't the reason.

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I don't agree with your post at all. First of all, I hope you're not basing the free-lance = benching from Lavar. That aint how it went down. Gregg likes to play gap defenses, so if you're out of position then there will be a huge whole in the defense. More "free-lancing" isn't going to help. Our LB's have been caught over-pursuing all season long, our secondary has been horrible in coverage and people are missing open field tackles left and right. Gregg likes to disguise his coverages, but when the secondary is playing so poorly it doesn't really matter. Opposing QB's are getting enough time to find the soft spots in our zones and are picking apart our secondary in man-coverage.

Simple answer, we're not getting picks because our secondary has been terrible and our D-Line hasn't been getting any pressure.

Also the ones we can catch, we're not. :applause:

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