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The newb's blog. My first home game. (updated 4:45)


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Glad you finally got to peek behind the curtain at FedEx Henry.

I had a cool experience at the hotel. My son and I were heading down for breakfast Sunday morning, door opened, and an older gentleman got on. He asked us if we were going to the game and where we were from.

I looked up, took a good look at him, and said 'you're Don Breaux, aren't you?'. He looked startled, like no one had ever recognized him before. For some reason, I just found that very funny. We chatted on the ride down. What a nice and charming man.

After breakfast, he approached me in the lobby and asked how someone from NC gets to be a fan. I told him that I'd spent my first 23 years of life in Northern Va, you know, during the 'good old days' and that once you had a passion for a team in your blood, it was part of your life. Today was one of those days where it felt more like an incurable disease than a passion I'll confess.

Sometimes, I don't think the team, players, and coaches truly 'get' what it means to be a fan.

Anyway, it was cool meeting him, he is an extremely warm guy, and it was nice to have my son meet 'somebody' who didn't act like they were 'somebody'.

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12:05 Novak just made a practice kick. Looks like things have improved already at the position.

Come on, what the heck was that about? I guess being at the top of the league in field goals made(missing 2, one in a meaningless game...) qualifies John Hall as being an inaccurate kicker. Lets be honest here.

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