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Dear Diary: JJG 2006


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Timing? You mean it's not like changing the oil or the spark plugs? Dang.....

Change the oil? You're supposed to actually change the oil?

The day I say something like that out loud, please put a .44 between my eyes and end it already.

You didn't like Die Hard?

No, not him. The movie!

I had never heard it called "the yips" before reading your column. Thought the potential tie-in to yippee-ki-yay was a natural.

In return, I promise YOU that if Mark "turns it around" in the sense I know we're talking about here, I'll devote a column to telling as much of Skinsworld as I can reach just how wrong I was.

And I'll do it with a smile on my face.

You didn't even have to say it. :D

dear diary.....I never officially raced a car whose timing was off. I got it working right before taking it "on the road." i was being a little disingenuous before...what can I say?........:-)......

I see you know more about racing than the coach does too. :silly:

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