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Ok, I was at the game and this is my first chance to get online since, so I'm sure this has all already been posted. But here goes anyway:

Ramsey: Hard to be dissappointed with this kid. Sure the INTs were brutal, but he's a rookie. It's gonna happpen. I was sitting in the 400s and while we were on offense I spent much of the time looking for open WRs. Ramsey did an excellent job of fiding the open man. Again, there were several plays where I know Matthews would have dumped the ball off to the RB, but Ramsey went downfield. He's definately a keeper.

Davis: Ok. Your rookie QB in his first start is struggling. The defense is playing heroically. You are only down 6 even though you've given up two straight INTs inside your own 10. This is the time your veteran RB, your pro-bowler, the leader of the offense, says "Don't worry coach. Just give me the ball and things will be ok until the kid settles down."

So what happens? Davis puts the ball on the ground inside our 20. Again. Whatever else he did the rest of the game couldn't make up for that.

OL: Yuck. Seven sacks. Ramsey runnning for his life all day. Too bad its the best its gonna get.

Special Teams: Oy. How bad were the ST? Two returns for TDs. And lets not forget TWO timeouts wasted because the Saints had the nerve to go for two. Terrible and inexcusable. By far the worst unit on the field.

Defense: Nice game for the defense. they really only gave up 10 points on drives down the field, and scored 7 themselves. That we were only down 21-29 at the half despite four turnovers in our own red zone and a kickoff return for a TD is all thanks to the defense. Sure our safeties were generally horrible, but that alone didn't cost us the game. Arrington seems to be coming around. Bruce Smith had a good game too.

The Retro Unis: Never wear them again. Hire a priest to sprinkle holy water on them, then pile them up in the middle of FedEx Feild and burn them. 37-7 and now 43-27? That's bad mojo, pure and simple.

The Saint fans: Once again I was up amongst the opposing teams fans in the nosebleeds. The same seats I was in last year when we played Philly. By and large the Saint fans were a pretty decent bunch. Boisterous because they were winning, but good natured. Still have yet to come across a group that rivals Eagle fans for sheer classlessness.

That's it. I need some aspirin.

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