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One important thing to note this week


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The loss against the Vikings was a tough one. You never want to drop one at home like that, and we could be in for a long season. I have to admit that despite my supreme confidence in our more-than-proven coaching staff, I nevertheless consumed with doubt going forward. Our depth, our schemes, our attitude ... nothing seems to be a given this season.

Still, as we approach our game with the Cowboys this week, there is a certain lightness of being I feel that I haven't felt in literally decades. At first I couldn't figure it out, considering the aforementioned consuming doubt I feel about this season. No, this game, THIS game isn't bothering me. It's not even that I think we will win, exactly. It's something else. And this morning I woke up and realized what it is:

The Monkey is dead.

The Cowboys don't have our number anymore. We didn't just get that Monkey off our back. We grabbed it by the neck, slammed it's head into the concrete, swung it around like a rubber chicken, threw it against the wall with a gruesome SPLAT, and watched it slowly slide down, leaving a trail of gross monkey parts. Then we took the carcass, shoved it in a blender and hit frapé.

The Monkey is dead.

Now, we may very well lose this week. But it will be because our corners are bad or Bledsoe rebounds or Portis reinjures himself or we don't get enough push up front. It won't be that damn Monkey. He's gone. The dread I've gotten accustomed to feeling as Dallas Week approached is gone with it. The Cowboys are just another team again. Sure, a team we hate with the intensity of a thousand burning suns. But they have nothing on us.

This week, they have to be the better team to beat us. And I for one am expecting a hell of a game.

That is all.

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Well said.

The Boys are the ones with all the pressure this week: playing at home, comparativley more healthy, all eyes on T.O., most everyone's Super Bowl favorite.

While a loss for us will put is in a hole, it will be 10 times worse for the Boys'. Can't wait to see the media jump all over them and T.O. after we whip 'em.

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