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The race to 1000


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  • 2 weeks later...

...still tight...

Gardner - 331 recieving (on pace for 1059)

Davis - 357 rushing (on pace for 1147)


Ramsey - 588 yards on pace for 3069 yards

Harrington on pace for 2970 yards

Carr on pace for 2354 yards

:doh: simple math rskin24

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okay skeletor, I gotta ask.....whats the significance of the sign-off pic? you're not a serial killer and this is your latest victim are you? sorry but in the current environment.....

tell me its a cute relative man!

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How bad was it last year?

After 5 games:

Gardner - 209 yards 1 touch (he has 2 after 5 this year)

Davis - 318 yards 0 touch (he has 4 total, 3 rushing after 5 this year. Week 5 was when Marty finally figured out that you have to run Davis)

Banks - 452 yards in 3 1/2 games. Ramsey has more, in 7 quarters.

Banks 2 touchdowns

Ramsey 4 (3 pass, 1 rush)

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