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Second sample confirms positive results for Floyd Landis


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PARIS -- The B sample of Tour de France winner Floyd Landis has tested positive for the male sex hormone testosterone, the International Cycling Union said on Saturday.

The result confirms the American's initial positive drugs test given after his victory on the 17th stage of the Tour on July 20.

Saturday's announcement capped a wild two weeks of accusations, speculation and denials, the latest of which is that dehydration might have caused Landis' elevated testosterone level.


the rest at link

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uggg... what a downer- this was quite a heroic story. the one thing that bob roll (former Armstrong teammate and cycling commentator) pointed out is that absolutely no illegal substance has been found, just elevated testosterone which could be naturally occuring. no one has confirmed the "sythetic testosterone" story that the NY times reported the other week.

Its hard to tell if the testing is just so hypersensitive, and the french are piling on because they never could bust lance, or that landis truly did cheat. either way, he's probably going to lose the yellow jersey to oscar pierra. bummer.

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just in case you want more coverage....


The newest American Tour de France champion has run afoul of the anti-doping establishment in Europe, just as Lance Armstrong had done -- both through no fault of their own. Their most egregious discretion being much better at racing a bicycle than their European contemporaries.

One thing that has been underreported in the popular media is that no illegal substance has been found in Landis’ system.

If we look just beyond a narrow ratio of epitestosterone vs. testosterone and the French conceit regarding American Tour de France winners, it is easy to see an anti-doping system that is random, seriously flawed and that most importantly provides zero recourse for an athlete who is falsely accused of a doping offensive.

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Someone explain to me why we should believe Landis? It seems to me he got caught red handed... so his natural levels of something were out of whack for just one race... the one where he had a miraculous performance.

After all the baseball players, track stars and other cyclists... I really don't buy this.

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