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The Skins 6th Reciever Should Be. . .


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IF (and note the if was capitalized as an uncertain hypothetical) we kept 6 recievers, who should the 6th be? Presuming Moss, Lloyd, Randel El, Patten, and Thrash are the first 5.

With an offense that often uses a 3 and 4 reciever sets, is it completely frivolous to keep 6? I don't know, that's why I'm asking.

The Jacobs thread made me wonder about injuries, also the value of raw talent and potential versus steadier productivity with less upside (Thrash).

Is it foolish to think Jacobs might break out in a new scheme? Does Sanders' system really suit his skill set to a much more significant degree? Are there factors we are unaware of that explain why he didn't step up last year?

Which player would be safer to leave on a practice squad? One of the running backs we have a glut of? Jacobs? Is that even allowed?

Thanks, love to hear some comments from people who have actually seen these guys practicing, and are truly knowledgable.

I'm sure Gibbs and Saunders will be posting responses shortly.

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I am also rooting hard for Mike Espy. I was really excited when we drafted Taylor Jacobs because he had just killed the Terps in the Orange Bowl, and I would like to give him one more shot. From what I read, it seems Farris is playing really hard and the coaches are taking a liking to him, but I think at his best he is the next Thrash, and I only rooted for Trash when he was returning kicks in his first pre-season and did awseome on ST.

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Moss and Lloyd are the starters. ARE and Thrash contribute on teams. The 5th and 6th receiver better be able to contribute on teams, too.

Patten is a steady but unremarkable veteran receiver -- and doesn't contribute on special teams. Jacobs, despite being a lousy receiver so far, is OK on teams. Espy and Farris have to beat them out there -- if they show something special on teams during the exhibition games, they've got a shot at displacing them.

I think Patten, especially having lost some time with viral meningitus, might be on the hot seat with Jacobs. I wouldn't be surprised if neither of them make the team, and I wouldn't be surprised if both of them do.

How many of you would be shocked if the Skins only keep 5 receivers? I think it's a very real possibility: Moss, Lloyd, ARE, Thrash, and one other (probably Patten). That frees up a spot elsewhere.

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The only thing I hate about the practice squad is teams can sign your players to there active roster. So lets say a team like Atlanta gets another injury early in the season they could just take him, which is BS if you ask me. He could develop into a future 4th option because Patten and Thrash are almost a part of the grandpa crew.....:laugh:

I hope Espy continues to impress and makes it in the top 53.

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The normal thing to do is only keep five WRs plus one on the practice squad. That is what is most likely to happen.

There are probably a couple of roster spots reserved for players that are so wonderful on special teams that you keep them even though they may not add much to the depth chart. That is how a sixth WR could come to pass.

So look for a WR who is really good on special teams. That he be able to catch passes is somewhat secondary. After all, he isn't going to get many chances.

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He missed all of 2003.

In 2004, he was the #4 WR with Boonell and Ramsey sucking at QB.

He was injured for the 2005 preseason, and for the Chicago game. Then he got injured again in the Dallas game. He had 3 starts.

What did you expect from him?

He's barely had a chance to play, and already people are ready crucify him. You think nobody else struggles in their first few starts?

Jacobs is still an unknown at this point.

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