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Brandon Lloyds Journal


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I saw an interview with him the other day on TV and I came away very impressed. I forget the word he used but it was one you rarely hear football players use and just as impressive was that it sounded natural coming out of his mouth. With the bad reputation he had coming from San Fran I wasn't expecting him to be that articulate. He seems bright as hell.

was the word "humble"? just kidding...i like this cat...sure many mediots say he was the #1 jerk in SF but i'd be frustrated too with that talent and a rookie QB and ten cent team(minus Andre Carter :) )

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Its interesting from reading his Journal he seem's like a pretty cool guy. I actually am really happy he is writing this journal to be honest when I first saw him signed by us I was a little worried. He seemed to be a little full of himself, but I am happy it seems like I was wrong. His journal reads very honest and straight forward. He definately seems like a team player! We know he has skill! It's the other intangibles I was worried about. Not anymore!

Do you honestly think Clinton Portis, Sean Taylor, and Santana Moss arn't full of themselves?... Exactly, lol.

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I'd be curious to see how his attitude is if things don't start the way they should here or if he doesn't get the amount of balls thrown his way.

Take a look at his attitude in San Fran? Pretty damn hard worker mostly kept his mouth shut, and had nothing to help him on offense for all 3 years he was there, or at least the last 2 since he didn't really play his rookie year behind Terrel Owens.

B-Lloyd being a "problem" is all San Fran media BS. Like I said, one freaking song in the locker room after a loss, and one time when the coach called him out as the reason for an interception when really it was the QB's fault (I forget the QB - not Smith, not Rattay... some other guy) he got snippy and said that it was the QB's fault - he's written about the incident before and talked it out with the coach and was upset that he got thrown under the bus for something that was someone else's fault. All he did was tell the truth after being slammed unfairly by the coach, which the coach admitted much later.

So there are your 2 incidents. That is it. I just don't see anything to bring about such a bevy of concern among skins fans towards the young man's character.:kickcan:

Anyway I think Lloyd will have tons of balls thrown his way, the guy who I worry about being upset - if anyone gets upset - is Randle El. But I'm sure he knew what he was coming into and he would be nuts to think he is a better Y reciever than Lloyd.

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