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I live in Japan. Last year I paid $29 for the NFL's live radio broadcasts of each Skins game. This year I am wondering if I should sign up again or try to listen to the games via the new XXX stations on my computer.


I'm ready for some football!

Might be a silly question, but I have to believe that one of the satellite providers in Japan should have some USA sports content available. Have you checked?

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If you can find someone in the United States with a slingbox at their house, that is your best option (that way you get the actual video stream instead of just a radio broadcast). Or alternatively, if you have relatives in the States who are willing to install one for you.

I just installed one in my parents house on my last trip there for that reason.

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Does anybody know if XXX Zebra will broadcast our preseason games as well?

Well, they're running a promo that says they will air the scrimmage on saturday. I have to believe if they are broadcasting the scrimmage they will broadcast the preseason games too...

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