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Just got all 3 Super Bowl programs.


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Hells yea.. Just got in the mail in the last few days Super Bowl programs from Super Bowls 17,22 and 26. Now what do I do with them? What's the best way to display them? Maybe get shadow box frames and frame them? I do want to read through them once or twice but I also want to preserve them.

Also got a copy of SI with Riggins on the front following Super Bowl 17.

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how did you get these items? ebay? were they expensive?

Yep, ebay. 2 were around $20 plus shipping and the 3rd was around $10 plus shipping. The guy I got the program for SB 17 also included the SI of Riggins.

Make them the "beginning" to your Redskins Room.

Well I already have a ton of Redskins stuff, and am actually boxing it all up because I'm trying to sell my house. But I need a way to showcase these programs. When I get settled into my new place I will put all my Skins stuff out again.

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