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Great Redskins Fan Sighting in NYC!!


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...and not your average fellow Redskins fan. While I was running in the upper east side tonight, I passed by Paul Tagliabue!

I instantly recognized him and in a flash thought of an entire conversation to have about the Skins, his great work for the NFL, the news of his replacement candidates, the NFL's impact on my generation, etc., and yet I couldn't muster the cajones to disturb the man while he was bringing takeout home for dinner.

I'm sure when I tell my family, most of them will not even have a clue who Paul Tagliabue is. I figured if anybody would appreciate the chills I got up and down my spine, it would be you guys!

Peace, and HTTR!!!!!

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Paul Tagliabue is a Redskins fan? I never knew!

Tagliabue was also a Redskins season ticket holder, but he had to give them up when he became the commish.

When he announced the fact that he was a fan and a season ticket holder when he became the commissioner, I thought to myself, "This is great. We will finally get a commissioner that will not be bias towards the Skins."

Boy, my thoughts could have not been further from the truth.

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