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A few quick observations from the 10 yard line yesterday


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A few more comments on yesterday, Saunders is a wild man.

CP and Betts looked great.

ST and AA, awesome.

Springs looked good and carlos looked okay.

brunell did not look sharp and the fans were chanting for JC, collins looked pretty good.

Daniels absolutely schooled my favorite lineman Jansen

ARE looked looked sharp

Sellers is huge

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what did he think before Lloyd started wanting out of San Fran? :)

Exactly. It's definately sour grapes. (think Extremeskins when Champ left)

And Holdman is a guy I'm really going to be keeping an eye on. I'm thinking a Brunell-like comeback year could be in the works for him.

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Also another observation, I know some people on here were worried about the chemistry between AA and Taylor. I saw them smack each other on the helmet several times and laugh it up after several plays. Thats officially a non-issue.

I know I am more interested in if Moss and ARE look like they gel....there was some whacked rumor a few weeks ago that Portis had to step in between them or something...think someone said this was on Pukes board, so we didnt put much stock into it... Something about ARE challenging Moss on who would be the #1 WR.... Any indication of that situation??

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my boy who is a niners fan tells me that we got a steal.
I have a buddy who is die hard Niners fan, and he just rags on Lloyd like nobody's business. The whole "alligator arms/always drops the easy pass" thing, but it's total sour grapes. He's also not cised about Andre Carter's potential, saying he has an injury prone back all the time (which is why the 49er's moved him to LB) and he didn't think he could hold up on the Skins. Of course, not only is it typical sour grapes about losing a quality player from your team, but he also DESPISES the Redskins, after the Skins/49ers beat down last year he was incredibly distraught, so it's really like a double whammy for him seeing Carter/Lloyd leave and head to us.
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That was by far the most fantastic catch I've ever witnessed. Too bad it was called back due to a holding penalty.

I made that proclamation when I saw it happen, for the record, therefore I'm not being a homer. I stand by my word: best catch I've ever seen.

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