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Joe Salavea's Personal Issue


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‘O le fogava‘a e tasi --

One family, one love... you & your family are in your Redskins family prayers as well as your Samoan family. Everyone here in your Redskins family is thinking about you and your aiga. You're a warrior on the field and a warrior every day.

Much love,


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This is going to be a tough time for Joe. Our hearts go out to him. Hopefully, his second family can try fill some of the void left my losing a parent. If you don't know much about Mr Salavea, please, please go look him up.

"There are many things Salave'a holds sacred about his upbringing, but none more

than the religious beliefs instilled in him by his family. Moving to mainland America and playing in the NFL has not diminished those beliefs in the least, although his job does require a flexible worship schedule."

"During my growing up, that was really honed in. Keeping the Samoan religion is really the common denominator with me and back home. You belong to some sort of religious group, and I think that shaped most of my Samoan beliefs. It's God first, and then family second. I cherish that and it shapes the man that I am now."


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