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Trouble In Pukesville: Greg Ellis TO Redux?


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Just when you thought everything was light and airy in Dallas, someone puts a turd in the punch bowl. You just hate to see this stuff happen for the pukes.

Funny how life throws you these unexpected curveballs, isn't it? The last thing I thought I'd ever be saying is that Ellis, always the perfect gentleman, needs to zip it, but he's gone from righteous indignation about not being a perfect fit for Bill Parcells' 3-4 defensive scheme to pain-in-the-neck crybaby.

And if I'm tired of hearing Ellis complain about not wanting to be here, you can imagine how Parcells and Jerry Jones are feeling, which brings me to the crux of the matter.

There's no question that Jerry and Big Bill would be happy to accommodate Ellis and send him on his way, except for one middling little detail.

They need him, even if he's little more than an insurance policy.


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