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The Replacements on TNT now


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The Waterboy is on comedy central, much better movie

- just started too

The Replacements bothers me too much. Washington team playing in the Ravens stadium with a guy who looks like Landry as coach :whoknows:

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Totally agree. Keanu Reeves is the worst actor there ever was. :D

He may not be the best actor, but as a whole, the movie was pretty funny.

I've had the DVD for some time now.

Love the water boy too...........

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Had no idea that even the cheerleaders were scabs, too

were they? I would think that is just a movie addition. They aren't part of the Players association, nor do they even get paid much to do what they do.

I liked the movie, I mean, I just take out the fact that it is loosely based off of the Redskins strike season, and it is quite enjoyable.

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