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2 Full Quarters of DAL vs. WAS on Madden


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Ok, thanks. Will Madden 07 for all the the consoles be like that (of course, it won't have the great graphics for the Gamecube), but will it be like the same commentation?

Obviosly, graphics and such depend on teh system. However, commentation, player sounds, Jukeboxes, those kinds of things all come standard in Madden.

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whats up with the refs jersey and the dallas star bein so big? Looks like the same gameplay as last year, which looks cool but i didnt like as much as previous maddens, too much like the 2k series, plus the running was hard, not enough directions on the controls so you either run straight ahead or out of bounds, hope thats fixed a lil

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yea im not impressed with the player models , santana moss looks like brock lesner , looks ok on graphics but im not even gonna consider buying it cuz last years madden on xbox and xbox 360 were total garbage , graphics are sharp but it looks like they took a few steps back on the player models

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this is freakin tight! couple things i noticed that i dont agree with though:

b. lloyd's hair is way too long, he looks like rashean mathis

terry glenn looks jacked for some reason

brunell looks like he plays o line

cooley was lined up at FB

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I like the article they have here


If Madden is life, the Redskins are headed to the Super Bowl.

Don't believe me, click on the video link at the bottom of the page and check out their new team in action.

Brandon Lloyd leads the way along with Portis and Moss.

Can T.O. and the Cowboys keep up?

Click on the videos to find out.

Next week, we'll be back with the second half of this game to show you the true power of the Redskins along with all new match-ups as well.

The Redskins might be down, but they're never out.

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