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2005 Draft Jason Campbell pick


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Pre-draft, I was hoping to get Rolle, because he has great size, but Rodgers was the Thorpe award winner comming out of college, so I was not displeased to get him, and I hated Adam "Pacman" Jones, because in the MD game my freshman year the woman announcer who went to UMD, said his fullname like that about a hundred times. It didn't seem to make any sense to take the "3rd" best corner with a top 10 pick, so right after the pick was made, I wished we had taken Mike Williams, who would have been a top 3 pick in the draft before that, and we had MAJOR WR problems the year before, and Santana was still a ? as a dominant number 1, and at the time, Williams looked to be the perfect compliment. I also remember thinking at the time, that we gave up WAY too much to trade up to get JC, can anyone find who those picks ended up being and who else would have been available. That makes 2 years in a row where Gibbs had a guy in mind, gave up too much to move up too high in the draft. I know its good that Gibbs got his guy, but when you keep over valuing players and trades it will catch up in the long run.

Although Gibbs does have a history of being right with Qbs, I think a lot of it is getting it right inspite of his QB. Thiesman was inherited, and although he was a great leader and manager of the game and fought really tough, he didnt have the greatest of arms, and those were Riggins' teams. Doug Williams wasn't the starter going into that season and didn't amass much of a career, same with Rypien, that why I think the title "Only coach to win 3 SBswith 3 different qbs" doesnt mean Gibbs is great at finding Qb talent, it means he can squeeze enough talent from almost any Qb to win a SB with a great team. JC does have the "two most important stats for measuring how a college Qb will do in the pros" (cant remember where I read this from) and those stats being completion % and wins, which he had a lot of, going undefeated his senior year with the highest completion % in the country and also winning a lot of games as an underclassman, and he has a great frame, arm strength, and above average mobility. HOWEVER, the reason for his high completion % was that he played for Auburn, who had 2 rbs in the top 5 of his draft class, so of course it was going to be easy to complete a high percentage, the defenses thought every play was going to be a run. Therefore, I have no idea what to expect out of him as a starter in the NFL.

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