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Sail Boats vs. Motorboats


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i didn't really listen to greaseman that much-- i only really knew him for those comments ;)

I know it's easy to focus on that and believe that's what he was all about, he was on the air for 10 years and made 2-3 distastful improv. jokes

albeit unacceptable. I'm still laughing 25 years though

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Motor boats, except for those gay ass cigar boats. Those should be outlawed for good!! :laugh:

Agree completely! :laugh: Something about 6 guys crammed into the ****pit of a 90 mph go-fast boat that is just so "gay" :laugh:

As for sail vs power? Well you could go street bike vs cruiser, snowboarding vs skiing, surfer vs swimmers, sunfish vs jetskis all day long.... The point to remember is that there are a-holes on both sides of every fence.

As an avid fisherman, and now hobie cat enthusiest, I find most small skiboats, jetskis, cigar boats, runabouts, etc. to usually contain a higher ratio of a-hole to none a-hole boaters.

BUT, how many stuck up "I-know-everything-there-is-about -the-sea" sailboaters are there out there? Plenty of sailboaters think that if they own everything sold by Helly Hanson or Henri Lloyd sail-wear they don't have to learn the rules either. :D Most don't actually realize that while they're under power or not under sail they act just like the a-hole power boater that they so fiercly despise.

Sorry you had whatever experience you had but however fitting the generalization may be, I still know plenty of sailboaters who say the same thing all the time who are just as bad.

A few weeks ago, I was on the potomac in a 52' EBMY and did think that the ratio was higher because of the amount of money in the area. Saw a guy in a $400k cruiser towing his kids on a tube in the channel 50 feet in front of me... When hailed to ask him to leave the channel with his inflateable he replied "**** you! mind your own business" I replied Im sorry but running over your kids is my business and he got the point.

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motore boats kick ass for sheeszy. Mothors boats are the shizzzzzznit!!! ****ES!!

:laugh: Mothor boats...as opposed to those pesky Father boats, or sibling boats? :laugh:

sorry rugger brotha...couldn't resist...ya know it's all in fun :cheers:

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I'm a big time fisherman and have been a power boater all my life.

I could NEVER be a "rag hauler." :D

You want to see some a-hole sail boaters, just cruise out onto the Chesapeake Bay on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and you will find plenty of them.

As part of the "rules of the road" when on the water is that sailboats have the right of way when under SAIL, not while under power.

We get sail boaters (with there sails up) go sailing right thought where we are trolling (fishing) and all the boats fishing in the area have to get out of the sailboats way, only to find out after they made their way through that the a-hole is also under POWER.

Allot of sail boaters get there "jollies" doing that to us power boaters, knowing that it pi$$es us off.

I have seen guys throw sinkers at the sail boaters for doing this.

God forbid, that one-day we hear about a sail boater being shot for doing this.

I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

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I've been sailing since I was around 5. I've done down the bay races and around the buoy races for the last ten years. I like both.

You just have to realize what you get with each, sailing is the art of going nowhere slow. I love that, grab a beer your friends and some girls and hit the water. Women love sailing it's a true balance with nature. You have to understand currents prevalent wind patterns and the water to sail.

I like hitting up my dads trawler too. I'm not a huge fan of sport boats because most of the people are schmucks that bought one at a indoor "boat show" and don't have the slightest idea about operating one.

As for fisherman most sailors don't run the lines to piss you off but I do know a lot of sailors that will run the lines if you guys post up on a race course.

On a side not I've worked in the marine industry since I was 18, I work in the largest new/used sail consignment store in the world. One thing that pissess me off to no end is how cheap sailors are. I mean they will sit and complain about things being to expensive when its $5.00. That is one thing I love about power boaters they aren't afraid to spend some cash.

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i appreciate both, but voted sail because i do that more often. my dad has owned a sailboat for about as long as i can remember, and we've had some sweet-ass times on his boat. good memories. i also like to waterski, wakeboard, ect (though i'm not good at any of them) and going fast, so powerboats are cool in my book too. i'm not much of an angler, but i also have some good memories of trolling the bay for blue with my grandfather for HOURS (before he knew the bay and how to fish it). and that was before i was old enough to drink to make it interesting.

i also agree with kev that both groups have their *******s. every group has them.

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Wow, I never realized there was animosity between different types of boaters :whoknows: . This is an easy question, though, one's got a motor, the other's got wind. No question, power boats all the way. But then I'm a water skiier not a fisherman so I'm biased, that and I like things with engines. They're fun.

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this thread needs pics, you see more of these on power boats :D


I have to agree dean... Chicks go on sailboats to spend time with their dads, grandads and uncles.... :laugh:

Plus chicks that fish smell great! doh__533.gif

Like you siad, this thread needs more pictures!




Oh and here's one that will fit in owned...


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