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Wow, do I need help?


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contrary to my info, im a high school football player, and im the only one on the team that changes his number every year according to a player i think is going to break out. This year, 8.

A 21y/o high school football player...

you must be the coolest kid in school.

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i have a lucky number which is 11. actually its not lucky, but i love 11 and any sequence of 1's. so i usually try to get locker 11, and if not that, then 1, and if not that then 13. and if those three aren't available i start a riot. literally. and all of those people should thank god everyday that one of those three are available when i get there.

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Yes. That is very weird. I would advise you to seek professional help immediately. However, I am a certified Redskin's Doctor. I would reccommend taking the following:

21 Hotdogs

89 Cans of beer

Say "Dallas Sucks" 26 times.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Thats some funny ****!

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Every day I hit my gym, I can only select lockers that correspond to a "prominent" Redskin jersey number. Do I have a problem? :dallasuck

Locker # 90? Naw, I'll take 89, for Alvin Garrett and Calvin Muhammad.

Excuse me but 89 is also Santana Moss's number.

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