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Former wish list..whew


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I was just thinking of all the players that the Skins were targeting in free agency and didn't get like Courtney Brown. That player went to another team and stunk up the place and I'm glad he signed somewhere else.Here are my list of players we targeted and signed to another team.

Courtney Brown

Jermettuis Butler

Peerless Price

Warren Sapp

Joey Harrington(thought about moving up in the draft to get him)

Mike Williams(see above).

Cant think of anymore ....help me out

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I agree with you on all of those. I remember thinking we'd take Williams for sure with that pick. When they called out Rogers' name, I was like huh? Who??? I figured Pacman would have been a better CB... But like we all know, I'm no GM....

I have to admit (gloat?) that when we passed on Mike Williams, I cheered. A friend of mine called me and asked what I thought. I told him I was happy about not going with Williams but I didn't know this Rogers guy.

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