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Riggins Jersey, Opinions needed


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I agree about the patch. Not my favorite thing. You might get some people who will say "Oh it's not a mitchell and ness!" I would say so what! I am not paying that kind of price! For get that mess. I would rather spend the money somewhere else than on a 300 dollar jersey. I think that it is fine.

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Any thoughts on this jersey would be greatly appreciated.

I've got an Art Monk in that same style, with the shoulder patch and the throwback patch.. I paid 40+ shipping and Im very happy with it... I'm not paying 200+ for a jersey just to have some punk spill beer or hit it with a cigarette....

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I HAVE THAT JERSEY! And the matching Art Monk Jersey. They are actually very nice for the price. Go to this sellers site on ebay and get the Jersey for 21 bucks.

This is the sellers store where I bought my Monk and Riggins jersey. They are both very nice for the price. Much better than the replicas and much cheaper. Make sure you click on "buy it now"

He sells all of his jerseys for the buy it now price of $20.80

Delivery takes about 8 - 10 days.


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