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Injuries to the o-line...


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I know they're all saying the right things, but I just got done reading the story on Redskins.com about the players getting their work in early and there was a blurb about Randy Thomas and Casey Rabach. I can't help but worry that these guys won't be ready to go full-speed by training camp. Randy hedges his answers with "I'll just have to see when I get out there and start hitting people" which makes me a bit nervous. I know he's probably being overly cautious, but he was probably the anchor on the o-line of our running game - esp. when he would pull and level players.

Can anyone talk me off the edge?


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They are fine, and already working out, Thomas even went thru OTA's

Randy was just being humble, and not getting over confident.

ever listen to Gibbs, you'd swear we had a team full of injuries, the worse schedule in NFL History, and will be lucky to win a game :D

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