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Redskins report will be August 11, and it will be filed by Michael Smith (not Lenny P, thank God...)

Other reports of note...

NFC East

Eagles - July 27, by Lenny the Hut

Cowboys - July 29, by John Clayton

Giants - August 15, Lenny

Other 2006 opps:

Falcons - July 28, Lenny

Buccaneers - August 1, Lenny

Panthers - August 2, Lenny

Jaguars - August 4, Lenny

Texans - August 4, Smith

Saints - August 5, Lenny

Vikings - August 7, Clayton

Colts - August 9, Clayton

Rams - August 10, Clayton

Titans - August 17, Smith

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I wonder if Smith will actually show up, or just attend 1 scrimmage to write his report like some lazy reporter did last season
Smith is a pretty good football writer (as seen by his articles and his usual opinions on Around the Horn), so I'm expecting pretty good things from this. Outside of Clayton, even though Clayton certainly has his man-crushes (Peyton Manning anyone?), Smith is maybe the most objective guy they could get to do this report, plus he should go fairly in-depth with it. My hopes are high.
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