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Another useless 100th Post...


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Ah, well, it's July. Nothing else to read or discuss until camp.

I try to only post when I have something to say (hence only 100 posts, when I've been a member for a year), but I can be frivolous once in a while, can't I?

I only hope my next 100 posts can live up to those posted by the standard-bearers I've grown to respect...Art, TK, Andyman, and countless other knowledgable skins fans (and even knowledgable "enemy" fans like Tom, who can disagree in a civil fashion).

I also feel that the next posts will include a lot of celebration & appreciation for our team...because great things are ahead!

:helmet: :point2sky

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you should get banned for this...or at least be put in the no new threads group.

There are too many people that are way too up tight on this message board. I don't think I have ever read through a thread without seeing someone saying something mean to someone else because they don't like the content, or because it is a stupid post, or its been posted before, etc.

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