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Team merchandise sales. Is this right?


N.K. decides to test launch a few more missiles. The U.S. decides to . . .  

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  1. 1. N.K. decides to test launch a few more missiles. The U.S. decides to . . .

    • Destroy the missile site and the missile all-together
    • Wait until it is launched and attempt to destroy it in the air
    • Allows the tests and goes for another U.N. resolution
    • Does nothing

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I copied and pasted this from an ESPN football message board. I guess in millions. But, it just doesn't seem right that the Steelers would be nearly double the number two team, or that the Skins would be so low.

By request. Here is all 32 teams merchandise sales from Jan 2000 thru May 2006 according to Huellars magazines.

1... 904.3 Steelers

2... 519.9 Packers

3... 488.2 Eagles

4... 460.6 Raiders

5... 446.0 Cowboys

6... 445.7 Patriots

7... 423.9 Broncos

8... 399.8 Giants

9... 397.0 Chiefs

10... 381.1 Bears

11... 377.7 Jets

12... 349.1 Colts

13... 348.2 Redskins

14... 333.9 Browns

15... 330.0 Rams

16... 329.4 Ravens

17... 328.8 Falcons

18... 311.2 Buccaneers

19... 310.0 49ers

20... 307.9 Dolfins

21... 307.9 Panthers

22... 301.0 Titans

23. ..299.5 Vikings

24... 298.0 Seahawks

25. ..274.9 Chargers

26... 270.1 Bills

27... 269.3 Bengals

28... 245.8 Jags

29. ..245.7 Texans

30... 219.9 Loins

31... 218.7 Saints

32... 204.7 Cards

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That doesn't seem right, the steelers are one of the most popular teams but there almost double Dallas and there are 30+ Comboy's stores in Texas.

It may be NFL.com sales and since the Raiders, Skins, and Cowboy's have thier own stores that's why they are lower.

I read an article earlier this year and it said that the Steelers blew away the record for merchandise sales in one year. They have a very similar nationwide fanbase to the Cowboys because the two teams were the media darlings in the 70s when football exploded into a great TV event.

And as for the Texans it does make sense that they wouldn't be last because all their fans had to buy stuff. Much like the Nationals' gear last year. I have a ton of Redskins stuff so I don't buy something every year.

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I can't say that I am surprised that the steelers were there at the top. You go to any city in this country and they have steelers fans there. At any game you will see a guy with a steelers hat or jerseys or something. Good for them as far as I am concerned. Just as long as dallas isn't the #1. I would just hope that we would surpass them at some point. I just don't like being second fiddle to a low class organization.

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