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We need to start a Petition re Redskins Sidelines


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What do you all think of a letter writing campaign to Channel 9 to bring back Redskins Sidelines. I was out with this girl the other night and she mentioned how she used to always go with her parents for the taping. She described it as a blast and something that I'd love to experience. So lets get Channel 9 to bring it back. It won't be the same without Glenn Brenner, but Brett Haber does have some wittiness to him. Or they could lure John Riggins from Redskins Report to host it!

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Having grown up with that show, I'd LOVE to see it. But, it wouldn't be the same without Glenn Brenner, R.I.P.

you should do it....you look like a TV host, proabaly quick with the wit.....they should hire you, i ll write ya a letter:D :cheers:

PS anyone else think haphazzard looks like ditka in his pic...:silly:

PPS thank you hap for all the work you do, definately beats searchin myself:notworthy :applause:

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