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After Sean Taylor: DJ Esquire Starts Law Firm


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MySpace, Your Job

MIRAMAR, Fla. -- Social networking sites, such as MySpace.com, have parents concerned about predators preying on their children. Now, there is a new concern for adults and what their employers are finding out about them.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mike Grieco was a high-flying Miami-Dade County prosecutor on a high-profile case against Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor. By night, the 30-year-old morphed into DJ Esquire at Automatic Slims on South Beach.

"One has nothing to do with each other," Grieco said.

But last month, his two careers collided, forcing Grieco to resign because of his MySpace.com Web page.

"They were pretty much saying I was using my MySpace account and using my involvement in a publicity case and promoting that to further my D.J. career," Grieco said.

Grieco was allegedly using links to news articles about the trial and compromising the case's integrity, NBC 6's Amara Sohn reported. And, there was racy material.

Many on the social networking Web sites assume their private lives are only publicized among friends, posting photos of themselves wearing nothing, partying too hard, smoking marijuana.

"Things they say, pictures they take and articles they write and even comments on chat rooms can all be searched," said business management professor Dr. John Sullivan.

Employers and job recruiters are now digging up your "digital dirt," going beyond the resume. Sam Terelli represents companies who have admitted it.

"Sometimes they find unflattering or negative or troubling information, and they will either elect not to hire the person and, in the worst case, they might actually fire the person," Terelli said.

A recent survey of job recruiters found 77 percent of them uncovered information about job candidates using the Web, and 35 percent eliminated a candidate based on that information.

"If it's something you would have trouble sharing with your mom or putting on the front page of the Miami Herald, then I wouldn't put it on a Web site," Terelli said.

Word is spreading to graduating seniors. The University of Miami's career center sent an e-mail warning that sites such as "Facebook, MySpace and Friendster" are used by "many employers" as a "decision-making tool" for jobs, getting "access to the real you," and using interns to screen the Web pages.

"I had a quote up on my page that one of my friends has said when they were drunk. It was really silly, but I took it down because I figured if an employer saw it, they might think it was kind of weird," said UM senior Camille Betances.

Drexel University senior Margaret Wang also took down her digital dirt after being alerted of the trend.

"There are a lot of my friends who have graduated who are interviewing or who have finally gotten jobs. They've told me about employers who have searched them," Wang said.

"It's just like a person's resume now," said Jeff Benjamin, interactive creative director of a large Miami ad agency.

Benjamin said you can use the same sites to your advantage. He regularly logs on to find creative job candidates.

"We try and focus, use it as a positive tool. It's not meant to weed people out, more to find the right people," Benjamin said.

Unfortunately, Grieco's Web page struck the wrong note.

"The electronic age -- you can take advantage of it for your own benefit. At the same time, you can get burned. In my case, I got burned," Grieco said.

Grieco was able to bounce back from his Internet indiscretion. He's starting up his own criminal law firm and still working as a DJ every weekend in South Beach and in Fort Lauderdale.

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I bet Grieco will have a lot of business for his criminal law firm judging from the company he keeps at Automatic Slims and the people he tries to keep out of jail in Dade county. He's got a friggin ego that's for sure. As Taylor's fame goes up this tool's popularity goes down. He'll always be remembered as a DJ. La who sir.

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