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Sonny Jurgenson's Commentating


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most of us agree that sonny is the man. sam is awesome too. with their age, who's the new blood after their days are over?

i love riggo as a player and as a skin, but can't stand him as a commentator. he's out!

could/would theismann ever reduce himself to be on redskins radio after such an illustrious career on tv? gotta say it's doubtful, but would love to have him as our homer.

would love to have mark may. again, coming to radio after a tv career is a doubtful move.

who else is there?


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Sonny and Sam are Awesome. I listen to EVERY Redskins game on mute with those guys up on the radio. That means almost EVERY game because I'm lucky to go to one game a season. They see the game though my eyes and they WANT the Redskins to stomp the opponent. What in the world is wrong with that?!

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Now, before I go into anything, please do not take what I am saying in the wrong way. I have every bit of respect for him as a player and as a person that the rest of you do. The thing is, I think it's time for him to step back from commentating any of the Redskins games. A lot of times I find myself getting tired of listening to him almost as much as I can't stand listening to Madden in his video games. Am I the only person that feels this way? :(

I think he's been in a tough spot the last few years. I think Frank was off his game a bit towards the end of his run (though still better than Larry). I'm not convinced that Sonny is comfortable with (or even likes) Larry yet.

But I think the real problem in the booth is Sam Huff. He has been borderline incomprehensible in recent years. I've told the story of making my girlfriend listen to Sam for the first time last year, and she was almost crying, thinking that the Redskins were embarrassing him by making him talk for four hours.

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I love Sonny and am still sore at Billy "Wounded Duck" Kilmer for taking his spot. I regularly catch Sonny on TV but I can no longer mute the games and listen to him on radio because I cannot stand Larry Michael.

Would someone PLEASE break into Larry's house and destroy those nekkid pics of Danny? Please?

I will say, nobody covers practice field fertilization issues or bathroom rennovation better than Larry though. He IS the go to guy for manure/fecal issues.

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