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9/17/2006 The Cowgirls


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This is my first post but ive been reading Extremeskins message board for the past year. Im taking the trip to dallas this year and im very excited to see on here who also is going. Also there is a 90% chance ill have an extra 2 tickets cause my buddy's are looking like they cant get of work and im willing to get rid of them dirt cheap but only to die hard redskins fans cause me and my other buddy mike are coming to dallas and we plan on telling them cowpuke fans like it is. And we will be there to greet mr owens and tell him what the terminater Sean Taylor has waiting for him....anyways thanks for reading my first post and please if any members on extremeskins are making the trip email thecardiac00@aol.com and lets set a meet up so we can party and march into Dallas and show them why REDSKINS FANS are the most hardcore loyal fans there are.

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I hope to be going to the game on September 17th. I'm from Texas but not a cowgirl fan. I have been Texas' biggest Redskins fan for over 25 years.

My Dad and I are going with my uncle who lives in Fort Worth and is a cowgirl fan. Hes going to get tickets for us. Hope to see some of you at the game. Things are still in the planning stages right now but I pray to God that we can make the game. I took my son and daughter to a game at Texas stadium in 2004 but we lost to the cowgirls. Didn't have a real coach then it was when Spurrier was there. Now that Coach Gibbs is back and the Skins are on the right track again I'm going to love watching us beat the girls again even if it might be watching from my music room television.

Go Skins from rmilton Texas' biggest Redskins fan

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