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Redskins @ Eagles November 12th


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They're already gone.


Actually, it was a bit of a scandal. There were thousands of single game tickets, and they were gone in about 5 minutes.

Then this site called Razorgator was offering up blocks of tickets. Oh it happens to be a site that the official eagles web site was pimping. So how did Razorgator get all these tickets so fast?

That's what all the fans were asking. There was absolutely no way Razorgator could have purchased those tickets so quickly, without some help from the Eagles. They have 11 pages of tickets to the Eagles/Skins game. They had like 1000 tickets to the Dallas game 5 minutes after Ticketmaster sold out. They had blocks of 14; blocks of 18 tickets together. Being that Ticketmaster had limitations of 4 tickets per game, 2 games per household, it just screams bogus. My gut tells me that the Eagles fed a lot of their tickets to Razorgator for a profit. None of it can be proven, but the Eagles themselves are promoting this site with a link from their own website.

Eagles | Team denies ticket problem

Fri, 16 Jun 2006 06:00:46 -0700

Marc Narducci, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, reports a Philadelphia Eagles official has denied allegations by fans that the team showed preference to a ticket broker when single-game tickets went on sale Wednesday, June 14. Angry fans accused the Eagles of giving large blocks of tickets to RazorGator.com to sell. RazorGator.com is a Web site on which fans can sell and buy tickets to many events. "We have no involvement whatsoever in any ticket transactions for the Web sites," said the Eagles official, who requested anonymity. RazorGator.com is an advertising partner of the Eagles. An advertisement for the site runs on the Eagles' Web site. In addition, as part of its agreement, RazorGator.com receives tickets for Eagles games, although team officials and RazorGator.com officials wouldn't specify how many.


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