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Good Resource for Vintage Redskin Art?

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I'm just curious if people have pics of old-time Redskins artwork/pictures?

Not photographs necessarily, but more the vintage 1930s and 1940s artwork that would appear on programs or posters.

Sorry for the random request. Thank you!

The programs in the 40's were more of a cartoon drawing than artwork

(the first one is from '48 and the second is from '45)

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See, I think those look so cool.

Do you happen to know where to find a big bunch of those or did you just happen to have them?

Thanks for replying!

I wish I did own them. The '45 program went for $5,000 and the '48 for $3,000. Looks like I saved the program pics just in time because they're not there anymore: http://www.natedsanders.com/Category.asp?CategoryID=42,Sports

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