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Trick on My Boss


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Okay so I am sitting in my cube just wishing that something exciting happens because this off season just has to be the longest one in recent history. So, as I posted before, my boss in the biggest NY Giants fan. I mean it is actually quite sickening. We play pranks and jokes on each other throughout the season and I figure why not start the jokes a bit sooner especially since he has been talking so much trash about LA since they picked him up. I mean he is over the top with it especially since I distinctly remember him placing a picture of LA sitting on the water cooler on my desk talking smack about how we have x millions of dollars riding the water cooler. :doh: But before this turns into a LA thread there is actually a point to this madness...

He has been on vacation for the past week and a half so I decided to gather as many articles and pictures about Strahan and his divorce especially about the "alleged" homosexual relations and I taped them to his door, chair and desk. With captions that read "I thought all of the brokebacks were in Dallas." :doh: So when he comes back on Monday, hopefully not with a client, he is going to be sick. :laugh: :laugh:

While I was doing this I begin to feel bad because I actually like Strahan but I didn't feel bad enough to take them down. :laugh: I even put a picture of Tom C. yelling on his computer monitor with a sign that reads, "this will be Tom yelling at LA for being out of position." He is not going to be happy. :laugh:

I hope no one is mad at me for sharing my little story. It is the off season and quite frankly there is just so much of Big Ben's accident, TO's signing, Koren Robinson's rehab, Priest's potential return or retirement, Favre's come back, Faulk's return or retirement, and Holmes' domestic violence case that we can talk about.

-Donita :gaintsuck

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^^^You need to hang out more over here anyway....

ALLLL I feel welcomed. ;)

I am going to definitely let you guys know what happens. He is due back from vacation tomorrow but you know how it is when you are the boss. They take as many days off that they want. :silly: I wish I could post pictures. Perhaps I will come up with something to show you guys.

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Donita it is cool when you can do stuff like that at work and most importantly with the Boss......

Yeah he is cool. We play jokes all the time. The cool thing about him is that he is a big Wizards fan and he has 4 seats three rows from the floor. So when we are not greasing clients we pretty much eat at Charlie Changs by the MCI (opps I mean Verizon center) and then go to the game. We have a blast. We talk smack and just hang out. Some time we talk about work but that is definitely a rarity.

It is really funny when I say terms or phrases at the game, like for example I called Rip Hamilton a baller and he was like what? Once I explained it to him he was cool. But he tries to repeat phrases but he is, how do I say this, not the most urban inclined. :silly: LOL! So we have little hand signals that we throw back at each other and it is cool. He is definitely going to cook something up for me.

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How can some people be a fan of the NY Giants and then a fan of the Washington Wizards. Look at my sig, I was born and raised in Maryland and other than my Memphis flag (my alma matter), I am a local boy rooting for local teams.

I have friends in Tennessee who root for example: Bears, Lakers, Dodgers and Red Wings. But he grew up in Central Tennessee before they had the Titans and Preds. That is understandable, but to be in one place and have so many different teams is weird to me.

I know it's not a rule or law to be a fan of the local teams, but I couldn't do that. Sorry, I'm not bashing anyone.

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