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bad news for me...(back problem)


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I have been having lower back problems since my flag football season this past winter. Well, my back hasn't been getting any better, so my Chiropractor told me to get an MRI. I knew I should have had one a while ago, but I guess I didn't want to get any bad news. Well, Thursday morning I went to get an MRI. Now, if any of you know how big I am, it wasn't fun. I barely fit in the damn machine. And no not my gut, my shoulders barely fit. Then afterwards, she tells me if it was to tight, I could have went to another office where they have a bigger machine. :doh: I said thanks, it's a little late. Anyways, I have an extruding herniated disc of the L4/L5 vertebra and also another herniated disc, but that one isn't as bad. I have to go see a specialist but my appt isn't until August 14th. has anyone had any experience from having this problem? Is it okay to still play?

ps. GV, tell the Seahawk he is safe for now!! :laugh:

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- Don't play

- Sleep on your back, and get a soft expensive matress

- Watch how you sit. Don't slotch over like when you're on the edge of your seat

- Take cold showers after work

- Don't use big pillows when you sleep. Just use something that supports your neck but allows your head to touch the bed.

- Don't drink....not that this will effect your back directly, but drinking will kill the pain, and you will find yourself in positions that will keep your back from getting better

- Wear a back brace, one of those wieght lifting belts.

Basicly you want to keep your back straight.

If it was me, I would pray for my back to be healed. In fact I have recieved a healing from a back injury.

Do that, and you can skip all the previous steps. ;)

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No way....you want a firm mattress for this sort of problem. Soft mattresses are no good for this kind of thing.

That's not true.

A firm matress will stretch your back out.

Where a soft matress, one of those expensive ones, will form to your body.

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I am sadden to hear this , Dave.

We missed you at Hershey Park yesterday.

You have talked to me about this before, but I didn't think you were THIS bad off.

If I were you, until you get your back problem corrected, I wouldn't play ball anymore.

You need to get well soon my brother, because tailgating season is almost here, and we need you for all your wrestling moves. :laugh:

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you don't want a soft matress, you want a supportive mattress. there's a difference.

He meant the conforming Tempurpedic mattress....I thought what you thought originally...:)

And yeah Dave -- don't play any softball. How retarded would you feel if you messed yourself up even worse on a bad swing? Your pinata destroying skills are vital to the health of the tailgates...get well brother!! :cheers:

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Degenerative discs, and herniated between L3/L4/L5/L6 :) It went bad on me about 6 years ago. I did a pain clnic for treatment being I didn't want a cut and splice :laugh:

I got a series of 3 epidurals (sp) 6 weeks apart and took it easy during that time. Then I started with a physical theoropist, 2 hours, three times a week, and doing the recomended excercises at home every day.

My back was bad enough where I had numbness in my left leg, and "floppy foot". I would never say my back is perfect, but I will say that it's not an issue at this point, and I do enough physical work every day. The clinic taught me all the things I was doing wrong to complicate the problem, and I still stretch every morning, watch my posture when sitting, and lift properly.

Sorry to hear of the problem, but don't jump the gun with sergury if they say that's the fix. Look at all the options first before you make a move.

Feel better dude..........

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