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Jones vs. Serra picks....

Because seriously, this is a lot like it in retrospect. Lower weight class guy moving up with seemingly no chance. What in the hell avenue does Sonnen take? Sounds like his plan is to go out there and throw caution to the wind. I like it. Answer this question: If Chael worked on that H-bomb religiously this camp, and tags Jones just the right way, TKO'ing him in Serra fashion...would it overtake that as the biggest upset in MMA history?

Nelson vs. Kongo: My favorite technique is the 1 punch knockout. Having a signature punch is so entertaining to me. Suddenly Nelson has one. It's like that overhand windmill Chuck nailed Overeem with. Swings way up there. I think Kongo gets KOd by it.

Belcher vs. Bisping: Bisping tends to get tagged in pretty much every fight now. You know Belcher is pissed that his winning streak was stopped by Okami muscling him around. Bisping wil kickbox with him and get brutally TKO'd in the second round.

Jones vs. Chael: Jones will tame the aggressive Sonnen with slick punches and elbows in the clinch. Chael will be bloody fast, as Jones capitalizes on his momentum and has Chael turtling up at the end of round 1.

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Bisping over Belcher by Unanimous Decision: Belcher winning wouldn't surprise me at all, but I think Bisping will mix in some takedowns at the right moments to ensure that he wins the rounds necessary to get a decision. If he doesn't use any wrestling, Belcher could tag and drop him.

Nelson over Kongo by (T)KO, Round 2: Kongo would be wise to use his reach and keep Nelson on the outside. Nelson will attempt to close the distance behind his iron chin and will look to land that overhand right. Kongo's never had the best fight IQ, and I think it hurts him here.

Jones over Sonnen by Submission, Round 2: The only question is whether Jones finishes him with sub or strikes. I say Jones catches a front choke after sprawling on one of Sonnen's takedown attempts.

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I've never seen a ref instantly end a fight after an eye poke. I thought a doctor made that decision.

That eye poke was nasty on the replay. Thumb went under the eyelid.

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Did the guy who got poked in the eye lose the fight? What just happened?

I'm in a loud bar and really didn't get what happened.

It was called accidental and he told the ref he couldn't see, thinking he'd get time to recover, but the ref ended he fight immediately. T that point it went to score cards.

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Kinda serves the UFC right that this card is underperforming in terms of action.

---------- Post added April-28th-2013 at 12:17 AM ----------

the UFC put on a bull**** fight and got a bull**** card

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and Bones has a broken foot on top of it all, this card was cursed

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Hopefully the UFC will stop giving this undeserving cheater (and criminal) title fights he doesn't deserve. He had no business being in the cage with Bones Jones and he got dominated badly.

The broken toe kills any chance of Jones having a quick turnaround like he wanted.

You never know when an injury will strike, thats why stupid fights like this make no sense whatsoever.

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Jones breaks his foot and still pounds out Chael Sonnen. Personally, I've only seen Chael win 2 fights. He's so mediocre (at that level) it's ridiculous. Please no more Sonnen except as a commentator for MMA shows where he rules.

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I think the way that Chael sounded after the fight that he is done. He wanted a shot at a belt and I think this was his last shot. And he mentioned that in the postfight chat with Rogan.

I am not necessarily a Sonnen fan, but I wonder what would have happened if his fight with Paulo Filho in the WEC in 2008 would have gone differently. I will never forget the lead up to that fight. That was a different Sonnen back then. He promised his father that he would be a world champion on his deathbed. Then he gets a rematch against Filho in the WEC for the belt after a controversial stoppage in their first fight.

But Filho has gone off the deep end at this point and misses weight badly, making the fight a non-title bout. Chael is devastated. Sonnen beats him as Filho is apparently fighting multiple people in the cage in addition to Chael. Long story short, he does not officially win the belt and the WEC folds. Filho says he would send him the belt as a sign of respect, but I don't believe he ever did. Does not really matter, he would not have won it in the cage, so Sonnen probably would not have counted that as winning it.

I think ever since then, he has been chasing a belt, any belt, to make that promise to his father come true. he has said before that he would compete in any weight class, even 170. He has gone to great lengths of self promotion and rulebreaking to get in a position to win a belt.

In a twisted way, I kind of feel bad for him. If Filho would not have gone off the deep end five years ago, the Sonnen we know now probably would have never existed. He would have won his belt and been another middle of the road fighter. Instead, everybody knows him, for better or worse, he has made a lot of money, but he never won that belt.

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