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Just watched the press conference, it was much ado about nothing. Carmouche and Ronda seemed to both know it was just a freak occurrence. It was probably not even Liz making the claim to begin with.

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Tito and Cyborg were being interviewed backstage. Of course Tito was being Tito, saying "we see glaring holes in her game" blah blah blah.....

Dude, get over it, Cyborg had a chance to sign and fight at a catch weight. Could have been her tonight but she didn't want to move down.

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This just In:

John Morgan ‏@MMAjunkieJohn

Dana said he's "really close" to pulling Nick from the GSP fight again. Really, really doesn't want to put feels his hand is being forced.

Hate to say this because I'm a Diaz fan, but Nick doesn't want this fight. He knew he was on thin ice with Dana. I'm also sure he's still eaten up by the Condit fight. I think his confidence got shaken in that fight. Anyway, back to Diaz-GSP..

I think it's hard for anyone to see how Nick would beat Georges by anything but a flash TKO and Condit gave St. Pierre a blueprint for beating Diaz. Couple that strategy with a good lay-and-pray? It's only obvious.

If this fight happens I'll be rooting for Nick Diaz 100% but I have to confess that I think his antics are really about fear. If Dana kills the fight, it won't be Nick's fault, right? :rolleyes:

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This just In:

John Morgan ‏@MMAjunkieJohn

Dana said he's "really close" to pulling Nick from the GSP fight again. Really, really doesn't want to put feels his hand is being forced.

GSP is my favorite fighter. Understanding his last fight was a comeback fight. He didn't do anything that I found impressive. I'm dieing to see I'd that was just a fluke or if the rumors of his demise are legitimate. Diaz would provide a sound test but I couldn't see how he beats GSP.

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^ I'm glad they cleared up the Nick Diaz fiasco. Hopefully things go smoothly until fight night. Honestly I won't fully believe Diaz/GSP is happening until they lock the Octagon and Bruce Buffer starts his introductions


UFC roster space is at a premium like never before. Jon Fitch – arguably the third greatest welterweight in UFC history – was a high-profile casualty this past week as officials confirmed they'll be trimming their their roster by a hundred or so fighters.

That made for some nervous fighters at Saturday's UFC 157 event, including Matt Grice. But though the fighter lost for the second time in his past three fights (and fell to 2-5 overall in the organization), his job is safe.

That's according to UFC President Dana White, who awarded Grice (16-5 MMA, 2-5 UFC) a $50,000 "Fight of the Night" bonus following his split-decision loss to fellow featherweight Dennis Bermudez (10-3 MMA, 3-1 UFC).

"When these guys came (backstage) after their fight, obviously [Grice] was really upset," White told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). "I said, 'That's one of those fights where there's no loser. There is no loser in that fight.'

"When you turn on your TV set and you put down your money or you buy a ticket, that's what you expect to show up and see. As a fight fan, those are the kind of fights you want to watch. And those are the kind of fights where guys won't get cut. It's pretty easy – pretty simple."

Bermudez and Grice's back-and-forth, bloody and brutal affair provided thrilling entertainment on the FX-televised portion of the preliminary card. And that's precisely why fighters such as Grice won't lose roster spots, and that's why every event won't necessarily see a round of contract terminations, White said.

"Listen, the cut thing, when I told you guys we were over 100, that's an absolute fact," he said. "Me and (matchmaker) Joe Silva were talking about this tonight. There's going to be a night where we put on a card where there's going to be 15 guys we cut. And then there's going to be a night where we put on a card where we don't cut any of the losers."

Bermudez, who's now won three straight fights since a three-bout skid that his own job in jeopardy, lauded Grice, who dropped him with a left hook in the first round. Bermudez staged a rally and hit him with dozens of crushing blows, but Grice refused to go down.

"This dude is tough, man," Bermudez said. "I was drilling away, and he wasn't dropping. I was like, 'Man, would you fall down already?'"

Grice is assured another UFC fight, and in this case, a good-looking loss probably means more than a bad win. Still, he's not convinced he didn't deserve the victory.

"I just need to go back and watch it again," he said. "I think it was a really close fight. I've got a lot of respect for Dennis. He's a tough competitor.

"I didn't come away with the W tonight. I'm stoked to get the 'Fight of the Night,' but I'd give it back for a win any day. My goal is to come here and win. The 'Fight of the Night' is a bonus, but I came to win. But hat's off to Dennis."

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I'm anticipating the fight being called off and Nick getting booted. I really hope he has a moment of clarity. Just do the deal for a few months and you're set for life. Soak it in, you're making millions doing what you love, which is training all day. I just don't understand how a few weeks of PR can be such a mind**** to someone. Smile & nod man, answer questions like Cain Velasquez and Frankie Edgar. Just re"hash" the same answer. "The past is the past, I'm gonna go in there and give it my all."

Nick is paranoid and will ramble on and get himself all worked up, he's his own worst enemy when it comes to the press . Would hate to see him fade out of this one, but I'm ready for it. The likelihood of GSP smothering him to a decision is extremely high. You're talking about the best takedown artist in MMA history, against perhaps the worst takedown defense in the top ranks of the UFC. I can even see GSP beating Nick up on the feet. If Nick shows any signs of finding his range, he's going down to the canvas. This should be GSP's tune up for Anderson.

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Man what a good fight card this weekend. Rhonda is a beast and I am excited to see her grow as a fighter and mature, given that women's MMA continues to gain momentum. The Menace fight was awesome too. I was soo nervous for Machida, Hendo is a manimal and very scary given his power.

I'm so looking forward to the GSP fight. I can't stand the dude, his personality (as is on TV) just grates my nerves, but the guy is an freak in the octagon. I hope Nick is ready, fight fans need an elite showdown.

This should be GSP's tune up for Anderson.

Think they will throw him to the wolves so soon? It would be awesome to see, but I'd prefer to see Jones / Anderson. But - that may be too much awesomeness for one tv screen.

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Less than 48 hours after UFC president Dana White revealed that featherweight champion Jose Aldo was absolutely refusing to fight Anthony Pettis, the entire scene did a 180-degree switch, Aldo relenting and keeping the Aug. 3 fight with Pettis intact.

So what happened in those 48 hours to change Aldo’s mind?

A title shot of his own, that’s what.

Shortly after White confirmed that Aldo had agreed to put his UFC featherweight title on the line against Pettis, Brazilian website Tatame.com spoke with Aldo, who said that his demand was simple. If Pettis, like Frankie Edgar, was granted a title shot in his 145-pound debut, then Aldo wanted a 155-pound title shot in return if he is victorious over that division’s No. 1 contender.

White agreed, and the deal was done.

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Pastor and South Dakota Representative Steve Hickey Calls MMA ‘Child Porn’

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is a wildly popular sport in America. I’m not a big fan by any means, but I certainly respect it.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard opposes a bill currently in the legislature that would regulate sports like MMA.

Why? He says such regulation would “legitimize” the sport.

OK. I can respect that opinion. But I think it is misguided thinking.

MMA is already a legitimate sport regardless of whether or not our traditionally behind-the-times state chooses to regulate the sport. Instead Daugaard would rather we do nothing and allow fights to happen without regulation.

That’s smart.

I completely disagree him, but I can at least respect that opinion for what it is: old thinking.

I cannot respect the opinion of Representative Steve Hickey. His opinion of MMA written in his blog:

MMA Cage Fighting is the child porn of sports.

Click on the link for the full article

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That's completely off and a ****ing weird comparison, guess there goes UFC 200 in South Dakota!

yeah I read this article elsewhere and my first thought was "is this guy serious?". My second thought was search Dennis Daugaard's computer, home & office, I bet he has a ton of kiddie porn hiding somewhere.

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lol @ the arm collection

Ronda Rousey Action Figure to be Released in April 2013


On the heels of her first stunning UFC title defense against Liz Carmouche, Ronda Rousey’s meteoric rise as public icon just broke the proverbial glass ceiling; she will now have her own custom-designed Action Figure.

But it won’t be coming from where you might expect; this is a Cinderella story almost as good as that of Ronda herself.

Disappointed with the lower-than-expected revenues from the existing line of action figure collectables from JAKKS, Zuffa had recently ceased negotiations with the company, looking for a fresh angle to try to improve the potential but failing merchandising wing of the brand.

Of all the giants in the toy business trying to get the new contract however, the recipient was a shocking underdog: GDCMMA, an emerging MMA fan crew that had never even produced a real action figure before, and an obscure online photoshopper known as ‘Masato Toys’.

Details of how this came about is cited below, but for now here is a freshly released image of the first prototype design of none other than the exploding superstar ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey.

The toy is expected for full release in early April.

click link for rest of article:


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