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If Nick Diaz is ready to go right off the bat from his suspension, I think a fight against Hendricks would be a win-win for UFC.

Two dudes who go forward and fight, and either guy people would gladly pay to see in a title fight. No matter who wins, the UFC would come away with a clear #1 contender to fight GSP, and if Silva is serious about taking a year or so off from fighting, GSP will need to either fight another contender at 170 lbs, or move up to 185 quick, take a warm-up fight at that weight. Or is the Silva fight being sold as a catch-weight?

Ok main even time.....

I don't think Condit is going to win, but I am rooting for him. I just think his pathway to a victory is too narrow, and GSP will be able to avoid Condit's strength and strategize his way to a victory.

As long as Condit goes in there planning to truly mix it up, and act like he wants to TAKE THE TITLE, I will be cool with the results either way.

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I have to give round three to Condit because he damn near put GSP out and uglied him up. But I have no idea of the judges will see it that way, because GSP escaped and then dominated the rest of the round 2.5 minutes or more.

2-1 GSP

Condit has confidence now and GSP's chin is suspect. He can pull this out!

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