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Rampage is apparently injured and his doctors told him to cancel the fight but he wants to fight in Japan so bad that he stuck it out. If that's true, I hope he doesn't come out flat and get his ass whipped by Bader because of the injury. I hope he just puts it all on the line for the Japanese fans. IMO, he can beat Bader via decision if he's aggressive and bullies him around the cage.

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UFC 144: We Need A Freakshow Fight

Yushin Okami vs. Tim Boetsch: Okami only loses this if Anderson took his soul in Brazil.

Okami by Unanimous Decision

Cheick Kongo vs. Mark Hunt: Kongo has the reach, and the ability to take the fight to the ground should he find trouble standing. Hunt always has the punchers chance, but this is a bad matchup for him.

Kongo (T)KO, round 3

Hatsu Hioki vs. Bart Palazweski: Hioki looked pretty bad against Roop. Could've been octagon jitters, but he's alot better than he showed that night. Bart is solid in all areas, but excels in none. I think Hioki looks alot better in this fight, gets the fight to the ground where he's one of the best in his division and finishes the fight.

Hioki by Submission, Round 2

Jake Shields vs. Yoshiro Akiyama: Akiyama has 1 win in his UFC career, and that was controversial. He's notorious for gassing, and is making his first cut to 170, that could spell disaster. Akiyama has the power to test Shields chin, and the takedown defense to keep it standing early. Once it goes any length of time, Shields wrestling and submission and should easily win the day.

Shields by Submission, Round 2

Joe Lauzon vs. Anthony Pettis: Lauzon has the power standing, Pettis has the versatility. Both are very active with their ground games so I'm actually hoping this one hits the ground at some point. Lauzon tend to fade if you survive his initial onslaught, and I think Pettis catches him with something late and finishes the fight with ground n pound.

Pettis by (T)KO, round 3

Rampage Jackson vs. Ryan Bader: Before he stepped on the scales, I didn't think Rampage had much to worry about in this fight. He probably still doesn't, but whether he's heavy due to "injury" as he claims or just complacency, it greatly increases the chances for Bader. Rampage's power hasn't been there for quite some time. Bader should focus on using movement and making Rampage work or work Rampage against the cage and lean on him to drain his cardio. Rampage has great takedown defense for shots he can see coming. To get him down you have to chain striking attacks that lead to takedowns, I'm not sure if Bader possesses that kind of skill. Still think Rampage wins, but a Bader victory would not shock me as it would 24 hours ago.

Rampage by Unanimous Decision

Frankie Edgar vs. Benson Henderson: Maybe I'm really high on Edgar or completely underselling Benson, but I think Edgar cruises in this fight. As much as I like Benson, I see this as a really bad matchup for him. Henderson's best shot is getting Edgar to the ground, but Franky is hard to takedown and even harder to keep down long enough to do anything of note. If it stays standing, Edgar's speed and footwork should allow him to pick apart Benson. Frankie is also pretty damn good at chaining strikes and transitioning to takedowns. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Benson is on his back in this fight more than Edgar. Playing the submission game with Bendo is an exercise in futility as Bendo has just about proven he cannot be submitted. In previous bouts, Benson has shown a disturbing sense of calm while having his limbs twisted and air supply cutoff in various positions. I think Benson's best shot at victory is catching Edgar being lazy in a takedown attempt and latching on to a guillotine that he is very adept at using. Otherwise, his road to victory should be trying to pin Edgar against the cage and wearing on him, ultimately hoping that his size advantage will drain Edgar for the later rounds. I just don't see Edgar being that easy to pin against the cage. Huge fan of both fighters so I'm cool with whoever wins, but I just think Edgar is a notch or two above Henderson and it will show tonight.

Edgar by Unanimous Decision

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Rampage by Unanimous Decision

Edgar by Unanimous Decision

Agree completely, which is why i'm gonna skip this one. I'm tired of watching Page look old. :(

(However, if Tito could KO Bader, Jackson could very well murder him.)

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I hate to say this, but I wouldn't be too surprised if Bader T(KO)s Rampage tonight. Dude has a wickedly powerful overhand right. Part of me believes he went in to the Tito fight a little too confidently. Tito might not be known for his striking but he's still a very well experienced professional fighter. I think Bader learned a valuable lesson and we'll see him at his very best tonight. Rampage on the other hand is not invulnerable to being put away with strikes, it hasn't happened lately and yes he has a good chin, but he slows down enough for that right hand lands flush and oh no. Watch for Bader to try to find where that injury is early (and Rampage don't like leg kicks).

Who knows what's going to happen with that one. I'll also take Henderson via 5 rounds of strong wrestling and overwhelming striking power. Hard to predict that Frankie gets finished, though :ols:

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