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If the first row sports link goes array tonight lemme know, I tried some of my backup links and I got a good one going...

the english speaking links are kind of laggy and MMATV on sopcast is offline during a ppv for the first time I can remember. if the one you got is stable feel free to post it.

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Ok...try this page, they list a lot of links. So far I can confirm that the first 3 seem to be working pretty good....


thanks bro nice find the first link looks real good on sopcast.

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Garcia wins on haymakers to the guard again I can see it. although he did land one in the 3rd.

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Sonnen show some balls calling out Silva.

I support Sonnen.

He's the only person that will walk into the cage and NOT be afraid, which means he's the only one in the division with a shot to win. Unfortunately, he's a roid user. I'm torn between rooting for him and hating him.

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